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dr. Quah Hak Mien asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Quah Hak Mien, Colorectal Surgeon based in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. I graduated from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) in 1997. I received majority of my training in Singapore but had the opportunity to train overseas in Surgery at Glan Clwyd Hospital, United Kingdom in 2002. I obtained my Master of Medicine in Surgery from National University of Singapore in 2002. I became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore in 2005. In 2006, I was awarded the SingHealth HMDP award for further training subspecialising in Colorectal Surgery. I went for my fellowship training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA in 2006. I had the privilege of working with Late Dr Douglas Wong, who was the Chief of Colorectal Service, focusing my clinical training and research on colorectal cancer, in particular, sphincter-preservative surgery for rectal cancer and recurrent pelvic cancer operations. My clinical interests are in the areas of prevention, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer. I was formerly Consultant at the Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital. During my time in Singapore General Hospital, I held the post of Director of the Singapore Polyposis Registry. I was also Visiting Consultant to the Department of Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Centre of Singapore. I also held the concurrent appointment of Adjunct Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. I have keen clinical interest in minimally invasive colorectal surgery. I am proficient in laparoscopic (keyhole) colorectal surgery and single incision laparoscopic (single keyhole) colorectal surgery. I am also one the few surgeons in Singapore accredited to perform Robotic-Assisted colorectal surgery. I am passionate about the training and education of young specialist doctors and medical students. I have conducted laparoscopic and endoscopic skill courses for local and overseas trainee surgeons. I have particular interest in the use of simulation machines for the training of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical skills. I have also developed expertise in functional bowel disorders and pelvic floor disorders, such as patients suffering from chronic constipation, obstructed defaecation syndrome, faecal incontinence and rectal prolapse. Another area of my interest is that of perianal diseases and haemorrhoids (piles). I have published numerous academic articles in local and international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and I am a reviewer for the Singapore Medical Journal and Annals of Surgical Oncology. Learn more about Gleneagles Hospital here: Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here. Whether you've got questions about colorectal cancer, colorectal surgery, bowel disorders or pelvic floor disorders, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Permata Hati answered 3 years ago
Doctor, my father is 71 years old. In a day, he can defecate up to 5 times, but only a brownish liquid comes out of his bowels. We try to control his diet, providing vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber, but still there is no solid stool coming out of him, only liquid stools. Why is this so, Doc?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Frequent passage of stools, 5 times a day with liquid stools, can be a sign of colon disease. It is also possible that it may be just old age or side effects of medications. I would advise the patient to seek medical attention with his doctor. This patient may require a colonoscopy examination

Yogi Gunawan answered 3 years ago
Yesterday, I defecated 3 times and all three times, there was blood. My stomach hurt and after that, my anus was hot. Is there anything wrong with my anus or intestines, Doc?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

The passage of blood in the stools and a burning feeling at the anus may be a sign of haemorrhoids or piles. However, it may also be internal colon problems. Haemorrhoids are a very common problem and are not a serious illness. However, it may be difficult for me to confirm the diagnosis just like that. I recommend that you consult your doctor in Indonesia for a check-up. Thank you.

Irwan Setiawan answered 3 years ago
Doctor, lately my bowel movement has red liquid in it, and I have pain in the lower abdomen radiating to the back of the hip. Please give me your advice.
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Do you mean that you are passing blood in your stools? The passage of blood in the stools and lower abdominal pain may be a sign of serious illness. Please see your doctor immediately!

Oni answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I am a 36 year old female. Why do I feel pain in my anus when I urinate? Is this due to infection, or something may be torn? Or is there likely another cause?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

It is possible that you may have a urine infection. If there is something torn at the anus, you should feel more pain during the passing of stools. Feeling pain at the anus during urination is unusual. It is best you have it checked by a doctor.

Umiyati answered 3 years ago
There is a lump in my father's anus that makes him bleed when he defecates. The doctor suggested he undergo surgery and it has been scheduled. I am worried. Does it mean the lump is dangerous if he has to undergo surgery, Doc? Is it cancer or haemorrhoids?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

I cannot tell what is the nature of this lump, I need to examine your father's condition to be able to make a diagnosis. Please check with your father's doctor directly. There are many causes for a lump in a person's anus. Some are due to haemorrhoids. Some are due to infection.

Jumadi answered 3 years ago
I have rectal cancer. These 6 months, I have been taking herbal medicines. My bowel movement is normal in terms of frequency, but it hurts and my feces are slimy and small. If I want to seek help from professional doctors, what is the first step I should take? Will I need to undergo a surgery, Doc?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Please seek treatment immediately. Herbal medicine is not helpful. Your doctor will advise you accordingly. If you are suitable for surgery, please proceed with your surgery. I specialised in rectal cancer in Singapore. If you are in Singapore we can provide treatment for you. The Covid-19 virus situation may have travelling restrictions. Please check with your immigration office or Singapore embassy.

Fajar Adi answered 3 years ago
Doctor, what is the solution for obstructed bowel movement? I haven’t defecated for 5 days. My stomach bloats and it is hard, but the stool cannot come out. 
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

I recommend an endoscopy and blood test to check. We can then decide on the diagnosis and advise the appropriate treatment.

Mumu answered 3 years ago
Is there any way to treat recurring haemorrhoids? It recurs if I eat spicy food. On the other hand, I love spicy food.
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Please try medical treatment first. But if medicine does not work, you may need to consider surgery for your haemorrhoids.

Heinandar Jaurio answered 3 years ago
Doctor, how do you treat blood in the stools?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Blood in the stools can be due to many causes. Most of the time it is caused by haemorrhoids. However, as a patient, you cannot tell the difference yourself. I would advise that you see your doctor first and have it examined.

Mahmud answered 3 years ago
Good afternoon, Doctor. I have had a diarrhoea problem for 2 weeks now. How do I treat this?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

Persistent diarrhoea for 2 weeks may be due to bowel infection, which means you may require a course of antibiotics. But it can also be a sign of other internal illness. Please see your doctor for an examination if it is still not better.

Sunaryo answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have recurring piles. Should I undergo surgery? What is your suggestion?
dr. Quah Hak Mien replied 3 years ago

If you have recurring piles, you should see a doctor for treatment. The treatment for piles depends on the severity of the piles. If it is mild, piles can be treated with medication or rubber band ligation. If the piles are large and prolapse, then you need to consider surgery.

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