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dr. Wong Soon Tee asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Wong Soon Tee, Dermatologist based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore. I am a Singapore Ministry of Health-accredited dermatologist who has been helping my patients overcome their medical and cosmetic skin problems for the past 20 years. As a skin specialist, I have special interest in:
  • Skin health restoration (treatment of acne, scars, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis, hair and scalp problems)
  • Skin cancer screening and skin surgery ( skin tumour, skin growths and cysts)
  • Aesthetic dermatology (skin tightening/firming, natural wrinkle reduction, facial volume/contour restoration)
  • Immunotherapy for severe extensive urticaria, eczema and psoriasis ( Xolaire, Dupilumab, Sterlara, Temfrya and Consentyx )
I was the Founding Skin Specialist of Raffles Skin and Aesthetic Centre where I practised both adult and paediatric general dermatology and saw many Asian and Caucasian patients from 2002 to 2012. Learning from different specialists from around the world, I helped many patients locally and regionally to rejuvenate their skin aesthetically and naturally. I also administered toxin injections to treat patients with a sweaty face, palms and underarms, helping them overcome this socially embarrassing problem. At my private practice, I provide carefully-evaluated clinical and laser services - I use Classys Ultraformer III for HIFU skin firming, Lumenis Acupulse CO2 laser machine for skin rejuvenation and scar removal, and Lumenis M22 OPT and Helios III Q-Switched ND-Yag laser for acne mark removal, photorejuvenation and lightening pigmentation. Besides doing skin surgery regularly to remove skin cancers, skin growths and cysts, I also have a special interest in treating scars. Learning from Japanese plastic surgeon Dr Rei Ogawa, I offer comprehensive keloid scar management, including topical treatment, injection treatment, laser surgery, excisional surgery and radiation treatment. Between 1998 and 2000, I was awarded the China Medical Board Scholarship for Dermatosurgery and Laser Surgery Training in the United Kingdom. At the same time, I was conferred the Commonwealth Fellowship by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (UK) to research skin cancers at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Skin Tumour Laboratory. The training that I received under the dermatologic surgeons and plastic surgeons overseas has honed my skills in picking up early skin cancers and removing them. Learn more about Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital here: Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Skin Health with everyone. Whether you've got questions about skin health restoration, skin cancer screening, aesthetic dermatology treatments, or immunotherapy for severe skin conditions, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Mahardika Yusman answered 3 years ago
I had an irritation on my chest as some red spots appeared. They were gone after I applied ointment and washed the area with warm water. The problem is, now there are some small lumps on that spot. If I press them, pus comes out of them. They don’t hurt though. What problem is this, Doc? How to treat it?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Without any photo or information with regard to the ointment you have used, I can only come out with several possibilities as below:

-Folliculitis – Bacterial or Fungal. These are more common for younger people who sweat and exercise a lot. -People with diabetes also tend to develop such spots
-Acne – This is more common in teenager
-Other rarer disease may also present somewhat similarly e.g. Steatocystoma Multiplex

Treatment is dependent on the actual diagnosis of the rash.

Tan Yong Heng answered 3 years ago
I have nail fungus, and the area around my nose is dry, and my scalp itches. Also, I have a problem with excessive dandruff. What should I do? It has been 5 months.
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Is your nail fungus confirmed with a laboratory test? How many nails are involved? The treatment approach varies according to the type of fungus and how many nails are involved. There are other clinical factors that need to be considered too.

You may have seborrheic dermatitis when you describe "the area around my nose is dry, and my scalp itches. Also I have a problem with excessive dandruff". Treatment for seborrheic dermatitis consists of scalp medications and facial medications. Depending on the severity of your seborrheic dermatitis, the treatment given can also vary. Essentially, the principles are anti-dandruff, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Some of these medications can be bought over the counter, others needed to be prescribed by a doctor.

Ranita answered 3 years ago
Good afternoon doctor. I have very sensitive facial skin. Under the sun, my face will turn red and acne (big boils) appear. Is there any advice for treating skin like mine?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Your description of "I have very sensitive facial skin. Under the sun, my face will be reddened and acne as big as boils appear" compel me to consider Acne Rosacea or Acne Vulgaris as the top 2 most likely causes. A consultation with your doctor is necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Thereafter, there are many effective topical and oral medications to control the outbreak.

Ellen Ander answered 3 years ago
It has been 10 days since my skin started itching a lot. There are red spots. What medicine should I take to cure it? Thanks
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Your description of "10 days of itch with red circles on the spot" makes me consider urticaria as the first diagnosis. Try buying Cetirizine 10mg from a pharmacy and take it once daily to see if it helps. You can try 1 tablet morning and night for better control

Ibu Zaenah answered 3 years ago
Doctor, on my mother’s armpit there is a round wound. I think it is due to a bump she once had. Now if there is something nudging it, it bleeds. What should we do to treat it?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Your description of "a round wound from a previous bump and now it bleeds with minimal pressure" makes me consider the following:

-Probable skin cancer
-Pyogenic granuloma

You should consult a doctor as soon as possible and not self medicate. A skin biopsy may be necessary.

Reza Alfiansyah answered 3 years ago
Doctor, there is fungus on my neck that is watery and painful if I scratch it. I applied some ointment but it didn't get better. How do I cure it, Doc?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

If the ointment that you have applied is a good anti-fungal cream, than it could mean that the rash at your neck is not fungal at all or it was fungal but now superimposed with bacterial infection. I would suggest that you see your doctor, get a swab test and send it for germs identification. Thereafter, your doctor will start you on the right medication to cure your problem

Aulia Nurrachman answered 3 years ago
Doc, why does the red rash on my skin turn scaly? Does it mean it is getting worse?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Scale formation generally indicates that the problem is at the superficial part of the skin. It could be at the beginning or mid way or the end part of the rash / diseases. It does not mean that the rash is getting worse

Basit Amin answered 3 years ago
Good afternoon, Doctor. Would you give me some advice on how I can treat the acne problem I have on my back? The pimples are big and numerous. I applied some ointment but it only dries them for a while before the new ones keep appearing again. Thank you
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Back acne can either be bacterial acne or fungal acne. My advice is to go and see a dermatologist for the following reasons:
-Making an accurate diagnosis is important for effective treatment. When one is not certain, then we may have to treat for both.
-Acne treatment can take a while and sometimes oral medication is needed in addition to topical ointment

Hanida answered 3 years ago
Doc, I have dry skin that is easy to peel off. How do I take care of it?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

Since you did not indicate the area of involvement, I take the liberty to assume that the peeling is occurring at the palm and feet. There is this condition called " Keratolysis Exfoliativa" where the skin peels off periodically from palms and soles. Nothing to worry. Just let it be and the skin will peel off on its own or assisted by you. Regular moisturization with creams helps.

Natalia answered 3 years ago
A few months ago I had burns on my fingers - the burns are only around the fingers and the hands. But now the tip of my fingers are numb and gardened. Are there any solutions, doc?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

The burn might have partially injured the nerve for your fingers. Nerve injury takes longer time to heal and this may be the reason why you still feel numb and hardened. Wait for another 1-2 months and observe. See a doctor for assessment if you are still not better by then.

Ninda answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have some facial spots due to chicken pox that I had years ago. This affects my appearance. If I want to get the spots removed, what should I do?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

I assume you are referring to the indented scars resulted from the chicken pox. Scar removal is difficult to manage and there are many ways to deal with different types of scar. However, the objective is to improve the appearance. Doctors are not able to erase the scar and give you completely normal skin again. The numbers, the severity and the locations of scars will all influence the treatment decision. My recommendation is for you to see a dermatologist for a face to face evaluation and discuss about the most optimal treatment for you.

Kilam answered 3 years ago
There is a white spot (vitiligo) on my testicle, which appeared around 6-7 years ago. Now it has spread and covers almost half of my testicle. Is there any way to treat this and bring back the natural color? Thank you
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

If your vitiligo is very localised and it is only confined to the testicle skin, you can treat it with Protopic Ointment at night and Elomet cream in the morning. Alternatively, leave it alone. The use of Protopic Ointment is associated with Stinging or burning sensation when used initially. Long term usage of Elomet cream is associated with some skin thinning

Ramadhani answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have an acne problem on my scalp. If I wash my hair, my scalp hurts. Is there any special shampoo for this condition?
dr. Wong Soon Tee replied 3 years ago

You are likely to have Scalp Folliculitis. For acute and extensive case, it is advisable for you to see a doctor and be treated with oral antibiotic for 1-2 weeks. It will help in 90% of the cases, some cases may need a longer duration of treatment. Thereafter, maintain with the shampoo and treat the occasional spots with Fucicort cream. Shampoo with anti-bacterial properties e.g. Octenisan, Hexoscrub may help to maintain and keep the situation under control.

Mintje Agustina Gigir answered 3 years ago
My scalp itches. What is the cause and the medicine? Thank you
Telly Malik answered 3 years ago
Doctor, my skin itches. I saw a doctor, but after the treatment with ointment, the condition recurs. I have had a stroke before. Is there any chance that my skin condition is related to that?
Rus Yati answered 3 years ago
Doctor, my face itches. What should I do?

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