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dr. Victor Fan asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Victor Fan, a medically and dentally-qualified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon based in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. I am the only duo (medically AND dentally) qualified surgically trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Singapore. Before my private practice, I was:
  • Senior Consultant Surgeon in the National University Hospital, Singapore
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, National University of Singapore
  • President of Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (Singapore)
  • Chapter Chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Dental Surgeons, Academy of Medicine
I was a member of the Ministry of Health Dental Specialist Accreditation Committee that examined specialists in oral & maxillofacial surgeons entering the register of specialists. I am at present the director trainer for the only local faculty botox course for dentists. I was the director of the first B.Toxin course for dental surgeons and have been instrumental in developing the oral cancer service in National University Hospital where I used to teach. I am also the inventor of the only rigid bioscaffold for jaw reconstruction with tooth socket preservation for dental implant treatment. My surgical repertoire ranges from simple operations like dental implant and bone grafting surgery, wisdom teeth surgery, orthognathic jaw realignment to major cancer resection, neck dissection and microvascular reconstruction including management of facial trauma and post traumatic deformity. My practice is the only practice in Singapore which centres on major oral and maxillofacial surgery. I have wide experience with bone grafting procedures in major surgery and dental implant surgery such as sinus lifts and alveolar bone augmentation. I am also actively involved in the combined management of medically compromised patients such as liver transplant patients and cancer patients on chemotherapy who may not be fit for dental surgery. Learn more about Gleneagles Hospital here: Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss OMF Health with everyone. Whether you've got questions about conditions of the mouth, jaws, face or neck, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
11 Answers
Ronald answered 3 years ago
Doctor, my front gum has been swollen since 2 months ago. If I press on it, there is a smelly liquid discharge. I read an article online that it is likely a cyst. Are gum cysts dangerous, Doc?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

Swollen gums can be due to many reasons, not only cysts. In fact more commonly it is due to gum infection due to gum disease. It can be also due to periapical infection from the roots of the front teeth. If the discharge is smelly it may be pus from infection. Cysts are generally not dangerous in that it will not cause much harm though if it is sufficiently big, your teeth can be loosened. Tumors can undergo cystic changes though these are definitely more rare than the gum infection.

aji answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I feel my lower jaw is misaligned. I cannot close my mouth. When I open my mouth, I hear a strange sound from my bone - it sounds like a crack, and it hurts a bit.  What should I do? Can this be cured naturally with time?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

The condition may be TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) pain dysfunction which has a wide range of severity. In simple cases, soft diet and splint may work but in some cases, there may be arthritis. It is best to be checked by an experienced surgeon. It can be managed conservatively in most cases of early TMJ pain dysfunction.

Reno answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I am 28 years old and my face is long with my jaw jutting out. I am not confident of my looks. Is there any way to fix the structure of my lower jaw?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

Yes, we can do orthognathic surgery to correct the problem and it is quite a common operation for young people like yourself. I will need to see you and assess the situation to decide what operation you may need to correct the problem. Quite often and it is also documented in the findings that jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment can help to restore or improve on the confidence of the patient. It is strictly not just an improvement in aesthetics and a morale boost as in fact the confident person can be seen to be more successful in work and social aspects in life. We could do a teleconsultation first for planning.

Fiona answered 3 years ago
My upper back molars hurt so much. It feels like my wisdom teeth are growing. Should I pull them out or just leave it?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

If it is hurting much, you should have it checked and extracted if it is a problem. It is quite common to have wisdom teeth infection (pericoronitis) and sometimes the lower gums are also affected by the upper teeth biting onto the area. It will be good to assess the problem with a panoramic or OPG x ray. We can do teleconsultation if you could get an x ray done and I can assess you better.

rahmayati answered 3 years ago
Doctor, on the inner side of my cheek, there is a growing piece of flesh that hangs down about 5 cm long. Is this dangerous? Should I undergo surgery?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

It is hard to diagnose with just the information given. If it is cancerous, yes, it would be dangerous. If possible, I would like to see what it looks like. Perhaps we can do a teleconsultation. Cheers

Marsani answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have 4 teeth piling up on the upper row of my teeth. This affects the way I look. What should I do to treat this? What procedure do I undergo?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

If your teeth are crowded and crooked, there are a few treatment possibilities. One is with braces, another is with crowns or veneers or extractions with implants. It all depends on the health and condition of your teeth. If you can have an x ray taken, we can have a teleconsultation to decide the best procedure.

Rezky answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I plan to do teeth implants. How long would the preparation and recovery be? What should I prepare? Thank you.
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

It is hard to plan without seeing your condition. Ideally there should be sufficient bone for implants. We need to look at your x rays for assessment. We can have a teleconsultation after your x rays. Straightforward cases may not need any preparation and recovery is very fast.

Markus S answered 3 years ago
I saw a dentist who said that there is a cyst in my upper molar gum, and that is what makes me experience frequent toothaches. She advised me to see an Oral Surgeon. Is this dangerous, Doc? Is a surgery necessary?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

I am afraid I cannot commend without examining you and seeing the x rays. Can you arrange for a teleconsultation with me? Usually cystic changes require surgery and they are often not dangerous though there can be tumors with cystic changes which will then be a problem if not dealt with properly.

RN answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have a very oval face. Is it possible to reconstruct my lower jaw so it is not jutting forward/out? I do not feel confident with the way I look currently.
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

Yes it is possible. We can shift the mandible or chin backwards. But more planning is needed. It is best to be able to see and examine you. We can do an initial consultation over the internet first and confirm what is needed before you can come over for treatment, if that is what you want.

Putranda answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I had wisdom tooth surgery last month. Until now, the wound is still swollen. It doesn’t bleed but hurts. Why is that so, Doc?
dr. Victor Fan replied 3 years ago

There is likely to be infection still going on. Did you have a postop x ray? There may be fragments left behind. We can do a teleconsult if you could get the x ray done.

Erick answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have been experiencing oral thrush that hasn't improved for more than 3 months. The biggest one is under my tongue. I've tried mouthwash but to no improvement. What should I do?

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