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dr. Colin Teo asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Colin Teo, Senior Consultant Urologist based in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. I have a wide area of expertise and experience in Urinary Stone Disease harnessing Shockwave and Laser Endoscopic equipments & Endourology techniques. I have special interests in Laparoscopic and Robotic key-hole surgery in Urological Cancers such as kidney, prostate, bladder, testicular & penile cancers. My practice is devoted to Men’s Health, Andrology & Subfertility with a strong foundation in General Urology treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), overactive bladder and inguinal hernia treatment. For best patient outcomes, I regularly engage a multidisciplinary approach combining pharmacological, minimally invasive surgery and multimodality therapy when indicated with related specialists. ​I was the Founding Head of the Urology Department in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital while in public service and am a recipient of multiple patient service champion Gold excellence awards. I completed my Urology advanced surgical training in Singapore General Hospital Urocentre, received my Fellowship in Endourology (stones/laparoscopy/cancer) & Andrology (men’s health/fertility) in St James’s Hospital in the United Kingdom and went on to complete my Senior HMDP in Advanced Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery in Keck Institute of Urology, University of Southern California (USC). I am a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and hold a Master of Medicine Degree in Surgery. I am a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and attained my Fellowship in the European Board of Urology at the postgrad Examination held in Prague and Athens. I started my medical career through a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) medical scholarship graduating from the National University of Singapore and was commissioned as an officer with the coveted Sword-of-Honour from the Singapore Armed Forces Medical Training Institute. Driven by compassion to help people, I am still active in humanitarian missions receiving the Healthcare Humanitarian Award in Singapore. I am the re-elected President of the Society for Men's Health of Singapore; Urology Residency Advisory Committee Member & Exit Examiner; Council Member of the Chapter of Urologists, College of Surgeons; Appointed NUS Yong Loo Lin's School of Medicine Adjunct Asst Professor & MBBS examiner; Invited Founding Member of the Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore; Invited Founding Member in the newly formed Androgen Society; Member of the Asian Society for Female Urology, Society for Continence Singapore, Endourological Society, International & Asia-Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine and invited faculty in many international and regional conferences. Learn more about Gleneagles Hospital here: Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Urological Health with everyone. Ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Rudi Satrio answered 3 years ago
Is it normal if I feel one of my testis is bigger than the other? I touch it and I can feel a lump in the right one. I used to have an acne problem on my testicles and they itched. But the issue has since been cured by an ointment given to me by a doctor. Do you think my current problem is still related to the previous acne condition, Doc?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

It is common that 1 testis is slightly bigger than another but if the difference is too much, then, will need to investigate.
– if a lump is felt on the testes, it is advisable to get a n ultrasound to investigate what that lump is. It can be a benign lump or cyst or can be testicular cancer (commonest cane in men 20-40 yrs old)
– it is difficult to say for sure if the current problem and the old problem are similar or not. Will have to examine to see the conditions.

Ricardo answered 3 years ago
Doctor, why does thin white liquid often flow out of my penis, although it is not erected?
bahar answered 3 years ago
These 2 days, my urine is foaming. My frequency of urinating is also reduced, only around 3 times a day. I drink a lot of water but the problem persists. Why is this so, Doc?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

– Foamy urine may be due to the foods that a person eats. There can be concerns about kidney function of urine output decreases or protein starts leaking into the urine and may appear foamy.
– A person can see a family doctor or specialist to do urine tests and blood tests and if needed, Ultrasounds to study the kidneys, bladder (and prostate for males)

Shiu Unah answered 3 years ago
Doctor, why do I urinate 15 times a day? Sometimes I cannot hold my urine. I don’t feel any pain around my hip and lower left abdomen. Why is this so, Doc?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

This may be due to overactive bladder. There may be prostate problems (males) or sometimes, kidney stones may drop into the bladder to cause this irritation. The amount of water you drink may also cause frequent urination.

AC answered 3 years ago
On my penis shaft, there is an open bump, with pus. I googled and found out that it is an STD. But I have never have had sex before, Doc. This has been 4 days. Can I apply some ointment so the wound can dry up soon?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Antibiotics should be quickly started. Other than STD, the skin of the penis can still get infected through a skin tear. I would encourage you to check for STDs if unsure by a doctor through urine or blood test.

Lindawati answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I have a problem with narrowing of my urinary tract. I have 3x stents, and now my kidney is swollen, grade 3-4, and there is a simple cyst in my kidney and the kidney is thin. I was advised to have the kidney removed, even though previously I was only advised to get the narrowing tract cut. According to my doctor, there is to no point in keeping the kidney because there is a simple cyst. Also the function of my kidney is good enough at my 64 years of age and creatinine level is at 0,90, so I should be fine with only one kidney. My question is, what if I keep my kidney, and only have the narrowing tract cut? If I have my kidney removed, are there any possible further problems? Please give me your advice. Thank you
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Removing the stricture portion or dilatation with balloon can be considered IF there is still enough kidney function left. Otherwise, the operated ureter will possibly re-narrow or stricture back because there’s not enough urine flow to keep it open. Removing a kidney is a major operation but under expert hands, it can be done safely with key-hole surgery with low risk of complications.

Icha Lisa answered 3 years ago
Doctor, why do I always find blood in my urine? I am a female.
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Blood in the urine can be due to kidneys stones, infection or occasionally cancers. It is recommended for a cystoscopy and and a scan of the kidneys/ureter/bladder. If after checking and no disease is found, there is no need to worry as long the blood is microscopic (cannot be seen by eyes).

Mr. A answered 3 years ago
I have pus in my urine these 2 weeks. Besides taking antibiotics, what treatment should I do, Doc?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Other than antibiotics, lots of water and practice safe sex. Consider doing STD screening and monitor for post-infection complications like urethral stricture than may cause difficulty in urination and persistent hot urination sensation.

Fachrurozi answered 3 years ago
Why do I feel my urine flow is obstructed, flowing incompletely, and it hurts?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

This may be due to infection, stricture or even stone problems. For men, it can also be a prostate problem.

Kris answered 3 years ago
Doctor, my penis is curved downwards. Is this dangerous? How do I treat it?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Curved penis may be a natural variation (congenital). There is a condition called Peyronie’s disease where the penis starts to cure because of scarring of the penis – this may require shockwave therapy, intra-scar injections or surgery to straighten the penis. But only need treatment if the curvature affects function for urine and sex.

Micael answered 3 years ago
These past 2 years, I have been feeling pain after urinating. I saw a urologist but there is no improvement. Now I feel like there is still urine left over although my urine stream has finished. What disease is this, Doc?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

For men, it may be prostate related/prostatitis or stricture/urethritis. Will need a full assessment in order to understand and explain the persistent symptoms. For ladies, need to check for recurrent urine infection.

Nandar answered 3 years ago
Doctor, please help, what is the likely cause for pain around the testicles? Thank you
Dewangga answered 3 years ago
Good afternoon. What is the solution for someone who cannot hold his urine?
dr. Colin Teo replied 3 years ago

Incontinence can be due to many reasons. For ladies, weak pelvic floor muscles are common are menopause & childbirth.

For men, prostate obstruction, infections and bladder stones are known causes and sometimes after certain surgery.

Some neurological conditions may also result in incontinence such as spine conditions, diabetes etc

Alexey answered 2 years ago
Dear Doctor Colin Teo, I am 20 years old and just had a circumcision done due to phimosis, the foreskin has been removed completely and the scarline is about 3mm away from the glans resulting in a ”low cut”. I am very terrified and worried that I will lose a lot of sexual sensitivity/sensation, because of the cut being so low instead of being high where some of the foreskin gets preserved. Is there a significant difference in sensitivity/sensation between a high and a low circumcision cut as? Is it true that at least 1-2 cm of foreskin has to remain after circumcision in order to preserve maximum sensitivity? Thank you very much!
dr. Colin Teo replied 2 years ago

While it is suggested that the inner frenular skin is more sensitive, studies show no significant loss of sexual satisfaction. In fact, any foreskin trained will undergo some changes due to exposure to become similar so not much difference what is left behind because all exposed skin will become ‘less’ sensitive

It is not true that at least 1-2 cm of foreskin has to remain after circumcision in order to preserve maximum sensitivity, in fact, some prefer less preserved foreskin for a more uniform colour.

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