Get a Second Medical Opinion

Get a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan. Ensure it is right for you.

  • Access to specialist doctor experts in Singapore
  • Get a written report + teleconsultation
  • Prices start from SGD250

What is Second Medical Opinion

A second medical opinion is when another doctor is asked to provide an independent opinion on a medical problem and its management. This may help to provide a more comprehensive perspective to help you make an informed decision.

A Second Medical Opinion Can Help You:

Better understand your diagnosis and be in control of your healthcare needs

Have peace of mind by confirming your diagnosis and recommended treatment

Evaluate alternate treatment options more effectively

When You May Need a Second Medical Opinion

  • For serious or complex/rare medical conditions: It may be a good idea to seek a second medical opinion if you have a critical medical condition such as cancer, or if you suffer from complex/rare medical conditions where treatment options and outcomes may be varied.

  • For high risk treatments: You may want to consider a second medical opinion for high risk surgeries or treatment that could expose you to severe consequences. Discussing all the options available with more than one specialist may prove to be more reassuring for you.

  • For all types of treatments and diagnosis: If you want to confirm your diagnosis and better understand your treatment options, we can help provide the peace of mind.

How Does a Second Medical Opinion through Smarter Health Work?

  1. Gather all your diagnostic imaging and pathology reports, and your doctor’s diagnosis
  2. Smarter Health will select the most suitable specialist doctor from our network to review your case
  3. Make the necessary payment for the service
  4. Your medical reports will be reviewed by the specialist doctor prior to the teleconsultation
  5. Undergo the teleconsultation with your specialist doctor
  6. Receive your written report within 5 business days

What is Included In the Written Report?

Specialist doctors will adhere closely to the following structure to formulate your written report with the right amount of detail.

  1. Review available information
  2. Provide provisional diagnosis
  3. Recommend treatment options
  4. Recommend care management plan

The written report will take approximately 5 working days. If you need*:

  • A turnaround time of less than 5 working days (i.e. urgent)
  • Translation of your reports into English for our specialist doctors
  • An interpreter to be present during the tele-consultation

Please kindly inform us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

*The following optional services come at an additional cost.

How Much Does a Second Medical Opinion through Smarter Health Cost?

SGD 250
  • Written report
  • Teleconsultation

Why Use Smarter Health for Your Second Medical Opinion?

Smarter Health presents you with a carefully-curated, collaborative network of specialist doctors across medical specialties and disciplines. 

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