Consult with a Specialist Doctor or Order & Receive Prescription Drugs from the Comfort of your Home.

Services we offer:

  • Video teleconsultation with specialist doctors from Malaysia & Singapore
  • Drug order and delivery from Malaysia & Singapore

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video consultation

Consult with a Specialist Doctor via Video Call


Order & Receive Prescription Drugs from your Home

Steps for Teleconsulation with Specialist Doctors & Prescription Drug Ordering & Delivery

  1. Send us your personal information, preferred doctor’s name or name of prescription medicine through the form
  2. Smarter Health contacts you to confirm the teleconsultation schedule/drug order details
  3. The specialist doctor/hospital confirms the teleconsultation request/drug order
  4. You make payment for the teleconsultation appointment/drug order & delivery
  5. You commence the teleconsultation with the selected specialist doctor/receive your prescription drugs on schedule
Smarter Health - Your solution for medical treatment at home and abroad

Smarter Health is the official representative of 1,300+ specialist doctors and 70+ Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals and clinics in Malaysia and Singapore.

Our services include:

  • Get Doctor/Hospital Recommendations
  • Book an Appointment with a Specialist
  • Get Quotation for Procedure/Surgery
  • Find Medical Check Up Packages
  • Order and Deliver Prescription Drugs

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